Scandinavia  Meets the World

A meeting between culture- and library politicians, Nordic library leaders and professional colleagues plus a number of library executives from all over the world who have, each in their faculties, achieved prominent results.

What can we, in the North/Scandinavia, learn from these examples of ‘best practice’?

The conference will focuse on political dimensions, leadership, human resources development and competences, values within the organization, network creation, new borders between public and science libraries, cross cooperation, stakeholding and funding.

The conference language is English. Workshops in English and Scandinavian languages.

Through a decade the Halmstad Conferences in Sweden have sounded the development out and have contributed to inspiration through the establishing of a common venue for politicians and librarians. Participation in this conference has increased steadily.

This year we invite colleagues from the entire North to participate in a conference to be held in Aarhus 10 - 12 June 2001.